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At Justin’s, our mission is to make you feel like a million dollars .
Our team is committed to making you look and feel like the best version of yourself.

We offer hair, nail and beauty treatments for every need and occasions. All perfectly handled by our highly trained experts. 

Sit back & relax, we will take care of you.



Our professional team of hair stylists and hairdressers will be happy to respond to all your hair and hair do questions. They work with the internationally lauded products of Paul Mitchell and will always search for the perfect fit with your hair quality and personal needs.

Gents are more than welcome to come and get a hair cut and a beard trim.

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Looking for a place where you can have your make-up done, your back massaged and your eyebrows tinted? Justin’s is the perfect place for you. 

We offer the best internationally known body therapies from standard facials to aromatherapy massages to body wraps. All offered with with essentially organic & mediterranean products from “Aromantis” to the luxury spa brand “Sundari”.

Head over to our full beauty price list and book your therapy now. 

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Quick fix or full manicure? We are happy to welcome you for the nail fix you need. There is nothing better than a perfectly polished set of nails (and toes)! Stop spending cash at the beauty supply store and take a seat at Justin’s. We have your nails looking polished and perfect in no time.



At Justin’s we treat you like you deserve to be treated. You will savor every moment spent inside our bohemian homey haven. If you are in a rush, sign up for a quick “Shampoo & set” or take your time and have highlights, a restyle, a trim or a blow dry.

Our team of professionally trained hairdressers and stylists are here to help you out and to make you shine.

The gents and boys are also more than welcome to join for a dry cut, wash and beard trim.

All our hair products are Paul Mitchell, the first professional hair care company that took a stand against animal testing. 

Price list

Dry cut - € 16
Wash, cut & finish - € 18
Cut & beard trim - € 18
Boys cut - € 15

Cut & style - € 35
Blow dry - € 21
Wet cut - € 28
Shampoo & set - € 21
Perm & cut - € 68
Extensions (full head of 100% Russion keratin bonds) - € 750

Highlights - € 68
Colour, cut & blow dry - € 68
Highlights, cut & blow dry - € 78

Bridal hair as of € 50
Glamour blow - € 28



We offer all kinds of beauty treatments going from facials to massages to waxing. We use locally soured organic ranges from “Aromantis” and the “Ayurvedic” luxury spa range to Sundari, originally founded by Christy Turlington.

Eyelash enhancements

by Cassie Leary

Cassie joined Justin’s 3 years ago. Fully qualified with 8 years of experience in semi-permanent individual eye lash enhancement. She uses only quality products that achieve a variety of looks. Our lightweight Mink eye lashes are soft, flexible and super comfortable to wear. 

Want to try?


Price list


- FACIAL WITH GINSENG 1 hr. AND OPTIONAL STEAM +15 mins. A facial that can be tailored to your skin type using freshly blended local handmade products. 45-50 €


- THE SUNDARI FACIAL 30 mins. Natural active ingredients are custom-blended for intensive exfoliation, nutrient infusion and a renewed moisture balance; our pressure point stimulation for the face and scalp along with lymphatic stimulation completes the experience, creating a healthy radiant skin. 30€

- AGE DEFYING FIRMING FACIAL 1 hr. Reclaim your skin´s youth. This advanced treatment featuring the regenerative properties that make you feel luxurious while acting powerfully, instantly exfoliating, firming and improving skin tone and texture. Combining focused massage therapies with our potent skin-tightening mask, the facial defies gravity and restores radiance. 55 €

- INTENSIVE HEALING FACIAL (sensitive skin) 1 hr. Purifies even the most delicate skin. Organic plant extracts combined with soothing oils to heal, hydrate and firm, restoring balance to sensitive or irritated skin, regaining strength and youthful glow. 55 €

- ESSENTIAL REPLENISHING FACIAL (dry skin) 1 hr. Breathe new life into dry or stressed skin with this deeply nourishing, intensely hydrating facial. Our own omega-3-complex uses naturally active ingredients to restore skin lost lipids, softening, renewing and awaking your natural glow. 55 €

- BRIGHTENING GLOW FACIAL TREATMENT (normal skin) 1 hr. A multi-faceted facial treatment that brightens, hydrates and gives an immediate luminous and ultra-refined complexion. A powerful blend of skin-illuminating ingredients restore clarity and fade dark spots. 55 €

- BEAUTIFUL EYES TREATMENT 30 mins. Hydrate and firm delicate eye areas with this luxurious treatment. Signature massage techniques gently apply our proprietary anti-ageing formula, to soothe, hydrate and release stress. 30 €

- GENTLEMEN´S FACIAL 1 hr. A targeted face, eye and neck treatment for the unique needs of men´s skin by keeping the skin fit with a nutrient infusion and intense enzyme exfoliation; firming, smoothing and energizing, leaving the skin cleansed, hydrated and fresh. 55 €


Christina fluor oxygen C peeling 60,50 €
Christina rose de mer peeling 71,50 €

Full set 55 €
Top ups as of 26 €

Eyebrow tint - € 8
Eyelash tint - € 8
Eyebrow tint - € 15

BOTOX & FILLERS (once a month) as of € 150





50 €


35 €

- THAI MASSAGE 1 hr. The treatment combines eastern massage techniques with a light pressure patting, rolling, kneading and gentle but deeply effective massage, using Thai balls. Thai herbs (including turmeric, camphor, tamarind, lemongrass and kaffir lime) renowned for their invigorating, purifying, tension relieving features and capacity to improve respiration and soothe general aches and pains. 50 €.

- HOT STONE MASSAGE 1 hr 15 mins. Hot stone massage is a specialty massage where the therapist uses smooth, heated stones as an extension of their own hands, or by placing them on the body. The heat can be both deeply relaxing and help warm up tight muscles so the therapist can work more deeply, more quickly. 55 €

- HOT BAMBOO MASSAGE 1 hr 15 mins A unique new way to relax tight muscles and relieve stress tension and improve sports performance. Using heated bamboo to roll and knead the tissue to create an extreme sensation of relaxation and well being.

55 €

- ANTI-CELLULITE BODY BRUSH TREATMENT 30 mins. A quick 30-minute dry brush treatment with unique contouring using Sacred Lotus extract, a high impact, active botanical which is known to result in a smoother and slimmer looking body. 30 €

- FIRMING BODY POLISH 1 hr. Polish the skin to a lustrous, silken glow. This nourishing exfoliating treatment hydrates with Rosehip seed oil and firms and smoothes with Cardamom oil, and dissolves stress for peace of mind and radiant skin. 55 €

- HEALING SCALP TREATMENT 30 mins. Stimulate the scalp and hair growth – while expelling stress. Adapted from ancient Indian head massage, the treatment targets scalp, neck and décolletage with a blend of therapeutic oils. 30 €


- KANSA FULL BODY EXPERIENCE 1 hr. The Kansa massage tool warms as it is massaged on the skin. It has been used for centuries to relieve stress, enhancing health, increasing energy, and leaving the skin glowing. Benefits include improved blood and lymph circulation, enhanced mobility, restored levels of sound and sleep, bringing balance to your energy levels. 55 €

- KANSA RELAX AND RESTORE (face, neck & shoulders) 45 mins. At the heart of the 45-minute treatment is the Kansa massage tool that helps to rebalance the three Doshas of Yata, Pitta and Kapha. Muscles of the face and neck are toned to improve skin condition and overall health. 40 €

- KANSA FOOT TREATMENT 30 mins. This relaxing massage involves the feet and lower legs with emphasis on Marma points, energy channels, and simple massage techniques. It helps to draw out excessive heat, leaving the entire body refreshed andrelaxed. 30 €


We use natural Wax products that offers a treatment totally free of contamination, preventing cross infection from one client to another.

NO double dipping.

· Half Leg ( ankle to above knee). 15.90 €

· Full Leg. 25 €

· Upperlip 5.50 €

· Brazillian 15.00 €

· Hollywood 20.00 €

· Bikini 9.90 €

· Underarm 9.30 €

· Lip 5.80 €

· Chin 6.30 €

· Eyebrows 6.30 €

· Forearms 15.00 €

· Men’s Back 29.50 €

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Lisa is a foot health technician with over 20 years of experience practicing (medical) pedicures. She deals with all types of foot problems: calluses, corns, trimming and in-growing toenails. She combines all the benefits from chiropody with "pedicure extras" such as foot soak, cuticle tidy, nail polish and foot massage.

Being a medical chiropodist, she is also able to deal with diabetic patients.

Price list

Pedicure - € 29
Pedicure with polish - € 28
Spa pedicure - € 36
Trim & file - € 15,50
Paraffin treatment - € 7,50
Shellac (+ cuticle work & filling) - € 28
Minx - € 29
And special procedures on request


Justin’s covers all your manicure and pedicure needs. Head over to the price list to discover all our nail treatments.

Nails, manicure & pedicure

by Jo Carlisle

We are proud to introduce Jo Carlisle. Jo has 30 years of experience within the nail industry and is a famous multiple competition winner, educator and a nail tech celebrity. Jo is truly passionate about her job and keeping ahead of the latest nail trends and only uses the best quality products.

Jo’s style can be described as “natural and wearable yet glamourous at the same time”.

Price list


Extensions French/natural - € 57
Natural nail overlays - € 55
Maintenance infill - € 32
Maintenance French - € 37
Maintenance with shellac - € 37
Repairs - € 5 / nail
Nail art - € 8 / nail


Normal manicure - € 22
Deep hydration manicure - € 29
Polish - € 9,50
File & polish - € 15,50
Shellac (+ manicure) - € 28
Paraffin treatment - € 8
Children's manicure - € 12


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Justin’s is your “one-stop-salon” for some self indulgence. Spoil yourself with one or a few of our many treatments. Happy to greet you and your family at Justin’s. 

At Justin’s, we understand that busy schedules don’t always allow for an advanced booking. So just feel free to drop by whenever you want and we will take care of you.

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